Niagara Safety Village

300 Woodlawn Rd., Welland
Phone: 905-714-9333

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The Mission of the Niagara Safety Village is to provide a safe and controlled environment in which to teach Safety Education to the school children of the Niagara Region. It is a one of a kind Education Centre, located on the Welland Campus of Niagara College. All three of the Region’s Emergency Services, (N.R.P.S., E.M.S. and the 12 Fire Chiefs) have united in a precedent setting partnership to teach children from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 8 how to recognize and address dangerous situations. Uniformed personnel from all three services teach in our classrooms.

Our partners also include the 3 School Boards. Our classes are one hour in length and our curriculum follows the Ministry of Education Guidelines. We had over 6,000 students attend the village during 2010.

Our village is open to the Public on Special Occasions and those are listed on our web site at

If you require further information to book a class trip, please call Nikki at 905-714-4446.

For any other information, please contact Carrie Matthews at 905-714-4446 or email us.


Niagara Region Children's Safety Village

300 Woodlawn Rd. :: Welland :: Phone: 905-714-9333 :: Email: Click Here :: Website: Click Here

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