Multiple Listings in The Niagara Guide

The Niagara Guide is a human-edited directory of businesses and organizations located in The Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada.

We offer free listings to Niagara-based businesses in ONE category in our guides.

Sometimes businesses belong in more than one category. We know that, but frankly, it's a lot of work keeping directories up to date when managing information for several thousand businesses. To ensure your business is listed in as many places in our directory as possible, we now offer a multiple listing service. The cost for this is a very affordable $25 / yr + H.S.T. 

Simply create an account with The Niagara Guide below. Once your account is active, submit your free listing request and in your business description, make sure you let us know what categories you think your business should be listed in. We'll ask if you want the multiple listing service and if you reply yes, we'll send you an invoice. Once you're paid up, we'll list you in the most appropriate categories of our websites for a year.

Note: Registration is only open to residents of Niagara. If we find out you don't live here, your account will be cancelled.

There are two ways to create an account with The Niagara Guide.

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All registrations created with false information or accounts created for non-Niagara residents will be terminated.

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