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IT's Really Important

Mark Kawabe - Monday, March 29, 2010

This weekend I've spent more time working with and on computers than I have in a long time.

That's not to say I enjoy it. Not at all. Computers and the software that run them are the bane of my existence. From time to time anyway.

One thing I realize though is that while I might hate them, I love them. I mean, where else can you do a half a million things - all at a quarter to three? Computers allow you to do so much. They also enable you to learn an incredible amount of information. Think of all the encylopedia salesmen out of work, courtesy of Wikipedia, and marvel at how, in such a short period of time, we've come to put our collective human wisdom and knowledge online for the world to share.

In virtually the same breath, you can also appreciate how incredibly quickly things can unravel if we DON'T have access to our electronic network. Our virtual brains. Look at the panic that ensues when the Blackberry network goes down, or when e-mail communications are disrupted. What would happen in your business if your computer just up and died? How much of your knowledge is stored on that device? I shudder when I think about that.

Despite this knowledge that we rely incredibly heavily on our electronic servants, we have to rely on people who know how to heal our computers when they're not well. Sometimes they can get viruses. Sometimes they can get attacked by people who do bad things to them like install malware. Sometimes we have to protect ourselves from our own stupidity - like when we delete our own files by accident.

So, I'd like to pay tribute to a few people I know in the industry.

Glen Bowes of Bowes IT Solutions - Glen has been indispensable many a time with both emergency and routine server maintenance. I can't thank you enough.

Tom McIntyre of TAG Computer Services - Tom has consistently provided great service and advice on keeping my office network running smoothly.

Allen Fricke of Performance Computers - Allen's the "new kid" on the block, but I just got a new computer from him this weekend and it's everything I'd hoped it would be. Definitely worth the time spent to make sure it was "just right".

IT stands for Information Technology. A proper understanding of how your business is affected by IT is vital to your business success. I highly recommend talking to the above professionals to make sure your business is well-positioned technically for growth and vitality.


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