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Attn: Out-Of-Province Winery Tourists - YOU'RE CRIMINALS!!!

Mark Kawabe - Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Unbelievable in this day and age...

A 1928 law makes it illegal for consumers to transport even a single bottle of wine across a provincial border. The same applies for beer. This archaic law was originally designed to prevent the flow of liquor to provinces that still had prohibition in place.

Kelowna MP Ron Cannan is putting forth a proposed amendment to allow a "personal use" exemption so out-of-province tourists taking home wine from their trip to the Okanagan are not breaking the law.

Isn't this stupid? Thought you'd think so. How can you help?

Visit where you can email your MP to support Ron Cannan's efforts.

If it's illegal in BC, it's illegal here, so let's help get this law amended and add some common sense to the legislation.

What Does the Word "Winery" Mean to You?

Mark Kawabe - Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today I received an email chastising The Niagara Guide for not including Vincor Canada in The Niagara Winery Guide. The page for Niagara Falls wineries had previously stated there were no wineries in Niagara Falls. Technically, the writer was right, but it made me wonder what people expect when they hear the word "winery" or the phrase "Niagara winery".

Various government and industry associations have spent the last few decades promoting Ontario wines and lauding the "winery experience". Here are two quotes from the Inniskillin website. (Note: Inniskillin is one of Vincor's brands.)

"Many of those who appreciate and collect wine have discovered that a journey to the heart of wine country adds an indescribable dimension to the appreciation of the distinctiveness of each fine wine."

"Come to experience, firsthand, the full range of Inniskillin's Premium Estate Wines, while enjoying the spectacular sights, the regional culinary specialties and the outstanding hospitality . . ."

I think these statements capture the essence of the image the various Niagara tourism and wine industry members have worked so hard to create about Niagara's wine region. That's why I found the message about Vincor so interesting.

Vincor is a company that produces wine. Does that make their retail and tasting center in the middle of suburban Niagara Falls a winery? What do you think?


No Very

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