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Hi. I’m Mark Kawabe. I used to spell my name Mar3k. A lot of people asked how to pronounce my name. I said “Just like Mark – because the 3 is silent”. I know. Classic shit disturber 😉

The Niagara Guide is my brainchild. Pieces of it started in 1997 when I started my first online business, and in 2000 those pieces coalesced into a multi-site business directory for Niagara. It was ahead of its time in some ways. None of the “big players” had a significant digital presence back in those days. Things have changed. Companies scrape the web for business data and throw together crap digital directories overnight. There are hundreds of directories you can list your business in. That was never the business I wanted to be in, so this year, I got out of it.

That’s right. Two decades of work down the tubes. Oh, I still have the files and the databases and all that, but The Niagara Guide wasn’t what I wanted it to be. With the format we had, I wasn’t sure it was ever going to get there either. Something had to change.

So, what I can I tell you about me? I’ve been working online since 1997, building websites, helping businesses understand how to use email, social media, video, and other online platforms to market and expand their businesses. A lot has changed since 1997, but fundamentally people are the same. Our psychology hasn’t matched our technology, and in some ways, we’re worse off now because of all the technological advancements we’ve made.

My goal is to be more positive in life and to do something useful with the things I know. Others tell me I communicate well, and that I could use those skills for good. I’m also curious and like to explore topics and ideas. I wanted to do that with the “old” Niagara Guide, but that’s not what it was set up for. 2020 is as good a time for a reboot as any, so here I am making a change. I don’t know where it will take me, but this is where I’m going, and I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

As for other stuff, I have a wonderfully patient wife who’s also my best friend, and with her I have two amazing kids. Three cats and a dog make up the rest of the “family”. I teach Kendo (Japanese Fencing) in my copious spare time. (I hope you got the sarcasm there. We REALLY need a sarcasm font.)

Anyway, if you want to talk to me about anything on The Niagara Guide, check out the contact information below. This site is still my brainchild and things that appear on it have been written or selected by me. I’m always interested to speak with new people and get feedback on what I do.

Thanks for reading!