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Community Architect Package

Thank you for marketing your business with The Niagara Guide!

You are signing up for our Community Architect Online Marketing package.

A few notes:

  1. Businesses and organizations come and go. It’s important for us to ensure the information we provide is current and accurate. We will be in touch regularly by email and/or phone. You will receive regular emails from us with updates about our products and services, and with information about how other companies are using The Niagara Guide. We do not share our customer mailing lists.
  2. Only companies and organizations with a dedicated presence in Niagara are eligible to provide their information on The Niagara Guide. If you represent an organization that is not based in Niagara, doesn’t have an office in Niagara, or have a dedicated staff person located in Niagara, we will not list your organization’s information.
  3. We will be in touch soon after you submit this form to meet you in person and to collect the information we need to create your business’ listing. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Community Architect Package Signup Form

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