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Become a Community Partner

The Niagara Guide donates at least 50% of its revenues from its marketing packages back to our Community Partners.

What’s a Community Partner, and how does an organization become one?

Simply put: a Community Partner is a Niagara-based non-profit, charity, or other community organization that is willing to partner with The Niagara Guide as a source of referrals and leads.

What we ask from our Community Partners is to introduce The Niagara Guide to their network of sponsors, donors, and other companies who support them. If we make a sale from a referral, we give back at least 50% of the value of the sale to our Community Partner.

Please watch this short video that explains our Community Partner program.

We’re looking to work with as many community organizations as we can, so if you’re interested in receiving free marketing services from The Niagara Guide and becoming a Community Partner, please call us at 289-241-3080 or sign up by filling in the form below. We hope to be of service to you!

Community Partner Signup

There are a few things we need to do to get started. The very first thing is to set up your Community Partner profile page. This is a custom-page we create for you on The Niagara Guide website, under our Community section. We’ll handle all the updates to the page so you don’t have to worry about any of those technical details.

We’ll need some information from you to create this listing page, so please¬†fill in the form below. Once we’ve received ALL the necessary information, your profile page will be set up within 3 business days for your review.


Community Partner Information Form

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