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Work 30 Duke Street, 1st Floor St. Catharines Ontario Canada Phone: 905-937-9706 Website:
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I provide professional counselling to people in the Niagara Region who are experiencing stress within themselves and in their various relationships. My aim is to help you to help yourself. I am a Master’s degreed social worker and began my practice in Chicago in 1969. I am registered and regulated in Ontario (RSW).

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As every parent knows, when it comes to children, nothing always works. Parents need many approaches. Family therapy can open new doors. Children and teens are growing up in a world that changes faster than ever. Sometimes, life can be overwhelming. Counselling can help.

Anxiety, Depression, Loss & Grief

Anxiety in control can be useful, but in excess it can dominate our lives. Therapy explores what works for you to manage your worries and bring balance back to your life.

Depression can destroy the joy of living. Feedback and understanding can help you change your thinking and your actions and effect your feelings.

Loss and grief are a painful part of living. We can become overwhelmed. We may see no way out. Yet we have to go on. Talking with a counsellor can gradually explore the way.


At the beginning of a relationship we believe we have found our other half, the person who completes us, who fills in the missing pieces. Time passes and we note gaps in the relationship, or notice variations in our partners we didn’t expect. Counselling can help address the habitual patterns of mutual hurt in relationships.

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