Mind Over Clutter

Contact: Julie Stobbe
Work Serving Niagara Beamsville Ontario Canada Phone: 905-321-1616
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Business Profile

Mind over clutter is a full-service company supplying

  • Organizing services in person and virtually
  • Helping to establish systems and habits so clients spend less energy doing regular task
  • looking at client’s commitments, calendars and appointments so they have more time to use
  • coaching clients to help with the psychology of why they keep things, how to let of things, understanding acquiring habits so they can accumulate less and let go of more and look at how life can be changed by only owning the things you need love and use

But I am really helping clients to understand that organization isn’t a lack of freedom, being stuck in systems that can never be perfected, organization is a lead-in to productivity which opens the doors to freedom, giving them an opportunity to soar.

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