Well, it’s here again. Halloween. Not my favourite societal event for a number of reasons, but what the heck, it’s here.

Like most parents, I did my parental duty and let my kids drag me around every year in the dark and cold. From house to house we traveled, getting as much sugary goodness as possible from neighbours near and far.

As they got older, they asked to be driven around to places they had heard were giving out full-size chocolate bars. Imagine being one of those households. Cars driving up all night with kids streaming up your driveway, taking your candy after a perfunctory “trick or treat!”, then disappearing back into their parents’ Audis and BMWs to head off to another poor sucker’s house. The horror.

Please be safe and watch out for the little sugared-up dears tearing around the neighbourhood. In their craze they may not be watching for vehicles. Pity the parents out with them too, trying to keep an eye on them while surreptitiously sneaking a few M&Ms from their loot bags.

If you like Halloween, I hope you have a really good one. I’ll be somewhere that is nowhere near the door. Our lights will be out. The dogs will be sequestered. Please take your sugary madness elsewhere so we can all enjoy Halloween in our respective ways đŸ™‚