Niagara’s 2018 municipal elections are done and we have a new slate of politicians.

Congratulations to you all!

To most of those incumbents who lost your positions, thank you for your service. Your dedication to your community is commendable and certainly, it is appreciated and won’t be forgotten.

To those incumbents who lost their positions because of crappy decision making, good riddance.

Now, to the new lot – what are you going to do differently than the previous bunch?

As a society, we want to be able to respect our politicians. We want you to make decisions that reflect OUR priorities, not yours. Have a pet project? If it’s not truly for the benefit of the majority of your constituents, fughedaboutit. Get working on something that does the maximum amount of good for the majority of people you serve.

That’s why we elected you: to do better than the last bunch. Not to just be different, but to be better.

Please remember that, because as you well know, the winds of change that brought you to these shores can just as easily sweep you back out to sea come the next election.

Good luck. We’re watching.