Where does Niagara end? Well, considering the Niagara region is bounded to the north, east, and south by water, you can’t go too far wrong there. However, Niagara’s western border is a little fuzzy.

We often get requests from businesses in Stoney Creek, Winona, Hamilton, and Burlington to be added to The Niagara Guide. Heck, we’ve had requests from Saudi Arabia as well. While we recognize that businesses on the borders of Niagara “might as well be in Niagara”, we have to draw the line somewhere.

So to all those businesses just west of the Niagara municipal boundaries, our apologies. I’m sure you do great things, but we aren’t adding you to The Niagara Guide.

If we start a “not-quite-Niagara” guide, we’ll let you know and we’ll make sure you’re the first businesses entered đŸ™‚