On the outside looking in, there doesn’t seem to have been much going on with The Niagara Guide. That’s fairly accurate, in some ways. This website has been around for a long time. My interests have evolved, so this is no longer the focus of my work life. However, the heart of The Niagara Guide is still beating, even though it seems like it’s been on life support.

Lately, I’ve been adding new categories and business listings. Just tinkering, really, but it’s felt good. There are still things I’d like to do with the site that I don’t really see being done elsewhere. While social media platforms are pretty helpful, they still don’t do everything I think they ought to do.

So, while things may seem quiet, I’m still thinking, still tinkering, still keeping on, keeping on. There’s still lots of untapped potential. One beat at a time đŸ™‚