For people who have been here before, you might notice a few changes.

For everyone else who hasn’t been here before, welcome to the new Niagara Guide 🙂

It’s not much to look at right now, but it’ll change soon enough.

There were lots of things that weren’t “working” with the site, the business model, and within me. I wasn’t accomplishing what I wanted to personally, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what direction I want to take with my life. With all the challenges 2020 has presented I decided to simplify. A minor technical issue on the site rekindled my questioning whether what I was doing was worthwhile. In the end, I decided it wasn’t, and that there was no better time than the present to make a change.

To all who have been clients of The Niagara Guide, I want to let you know how much I appreciated your support over the years. Regrettably, there were too few of you to make the endeavour financially worthwhile. I was grateful I could be of service to you and wish you all the best going forward.

This site will be evolving into something new. I’m not entirely sure what. All I can say is I hope you’ll continue to watch this space as I continue to explore and evolve. Thank you for visiting 🙂