If you haven’t heard about Bridge-it, you’re probably not alone. Let me take you back. Waaaaay back, to August 25, 1974. On that fateful day, the 600-foot long ore carrier Steelton crashed into and destroyed the bridge crossing the Welland Canal in Port Robinson. Building a new bridge was deemed uneconomical, so a passenger ferry service was launched in 1977.

Today this service is known as Bridge-it, and it carries pedestrians and cyclists across the Welland Canal in a short and sweet journey. However, there’s one piece of information I have never seen online about Bridge-it, and that is how much the ferry ride costs.

The good news is: Bridge-it is a free service, operated by the City of Thorold and supported by the Niagara Region. As someone who finally took the ferry for the first time last weekend, I was a little nervous not knowing whether there was a fee for the service. Everywhere I searched online said nothing about a price. As I’ve learned before, just because a price isn’t mentioned doesn’t mean there’s no price. However, cyclists can rest easy. You won’t have to dig for loose change to use Bridge-it 🙂

Bridge-it is another cool (and FREE!) thing to do when you’re cycling in Niagara and passing through Port Robinson and Thorold. Enjoy the ride!